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Transformation is achieved not by morals or ethics or attitudinal or behavioural changes,

but by experiencing the limitless nature of who we are - Sadhguru   

Jacqueline first studied Iyengar Yoga with Brigitta Tumon when she was 19 years old, and developed a deep love and commitment to the art and science of Yoga and the Iyengar teaching method. She qualified as a teacher in 2005 in London, under the expert mentorship of Alaric Newcombe. Living in the UK for over 10 years afforded her regular study with international senior teachers. In 2011 she was awarded her Junior Intermediate 2 by the Iyengar Yoga Association UK. Jacqueline has been teaching classes and workshops since 2005, both in London and in South Africa.  She has an energetic and dynamic style rooted in precision and alignment.

Jacqueline is also a social worker with an MSc in Development Studies from School of African and Oriental  Studies (SOAS; University of London). She has extensive experience in training and facilitating group processes. She worked in the Fairtrade movement as an analyst, auditor, and trainer for FLOCERT for 10 years. She remains a freelance Fairtrade auditor for FLOCERT. She also conducts ethical labour and sustainability audits against the Sustainability Initiative of South Africa (SIZA)  standard  for the Control Union SA

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